Do you know what Backline is or why it’s so important for your next show?

At Art and Sounds, we know the importance of details when it comes to hosting a show, concert or any other type of event or presentation. Sound Quality is key, and Backline is essential to make that happen. That’s why we are sharing some information on Backline so that you too have an idea of why it’s necessary.

Backline nowadays is synonymous for musical instruments, when someone is referring to backline, they’re speaking about the instruments that are needed for a performance that are in the back of the stage, in-line with the drummer. This can be anything from amplifiers, drum kits, cymbals, keyboards and more. To get the necessary equipment you might have to hire a backline or rental company that specializes in musical instruments. These companies can provide a variety of instruments; they will have anything from basic brands and models all the way to vintage and even collectibles instruments if that’s what you need. When looking for a Backline company, make sure that you’re looking for a reputable company and that the instruments they use are in good condition. Understand that musicians will use these instruments on stage and they’re going to be seen by the audience; Quality is vital. Backline is important because when producing an event, coordinators, production or rental companies will ask you for a list of the instruments you need, and you need to be prepared. When production companies find a backline list inside of their contract, they understand that it is for a specific reason and it cannot be ignored. Musicians are usually looking for a specific sound or look that only certain brands could give you, or they might simply be endorsed by those brands, providing exactly what you are asked for is necessary. When working on festivals, make sure you have a standardized backline, festivals sometimes require last minute changes, it’s easier to comply when the instruments are already in place or in an order that can quickly be changed.

Having a Backline list will help you to begin. We suggest that you are very specific when making a backline list, literally write the make, model, version, anything to help the vendor find exactly what you need. Sit down with musicians and gather information on their preferences, anything from guitars to drums, try to find what they like. Another important thing to consider is the budget that is in place. Try getting two to three options for each instrument so that you can work around the budget with rental companies yet still give the performer what they’re looking for. Always go back and check the list twice. Make sure all the needs are covered and when done, turn it into a concise PDF file, easy to handout or email to whoever may need it.

And remember, not every brand works the same, it’s vital that you work with professionals in the field that can adapt to every product that you use to still offer you high-quality sounds. Art and Sounds has over a decade of experience doing just that and we are passionate about what we do. If you need help, we got you covered. Leave the worry to us! Visit our website at