Do you know what AV Technicians do and why they’re so important?

If you’re producing or coordinating an event, you need an AV Technician.

AV Technicians are the ones in charge of setup, maintain and operate equipment for corporate events, festivals, concerts, and others. Most times, AV Technicians are highly skilled and experienced professionals. What is their duty?  They record and reproduce sounds, set up audio and mixing boards, microphones, amps and other equipment to produce high-quality sounds. Their knowledge of acoustics helps them to make sure the voices of the talent is heard clearly to everyone in the audience; they set up everything to avoid feedback, static and other sounds. To have a successful show or presentation, a sound technician is essential.

At Art and Sounds, we work only with experienced AV Technicians to bring you the best quality sounds for your next event. We work directly with the talent, producers, and coordinators to find the right equipment to best-fit everyone’s needs to produce the sounds they are looking for. We can work in anything from shows, presentations, concerts, musical recordings, professional games, theater, corporate events and much more.

If you need a Sound Technician, count on Art and Sounds.

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