No matter the season, most times we are looking for something fun to do whether it’s locally or out of town. The summer is no exception, the weather is perfect to head out to the beach and have some family fun. Concerts, movies in the park, holiday parades and other local events are also fun things to entertain ourselves. These are common during the summertime and they are events where high-quality sounds for everyone to enjoy, are key.

Behind every show or event, there are professionals working hard to showcase their best quality work. High- quality sounds, lighting and a good size stage are some simple but necessary things to present something nice to the community.

Now, when it comes to events, Sound Quality is the bottom line. At Art and Sounds, we offer that and more.  Innovation is endless and that’s why we have modern equipment to help you get the best results.

Some of our popular equipment are the Yamaha CL5, the Shure Axient Digital System and the Shure PSM 1000.

The Yamaha CL5 is a digital mixing console with sound shaping capabilities that give any professional the creative freedom to do what they need when it comes to sounds. This console can keep up with rapid and changing demands of sound applications and visual feedback, including faders and controls. Its network capabilities are becoming fundamental in today’s fast-paced world of digital live feed and sounds. It’s a whole new level of refinement when it comes to live sound mixing.

The Shure Axient Digital System is a wireless receiver that offers flawless execution. It has signal stability, audio clarity, advanced connectivity, and comprehensive control. Shure Axient Digital lets nothing get in the way of true, pure sound with audio quality you can count on. It’s the wireless system built for today’s challenges.

The Shure PSM 1000 is a personal monitor system offering a tuning band and delivering up to 39 compatible channels per frequency band. Offering top of the line audio quality and filtering to eliminate interference and deliver high-quality sounds. Making this a reliable product where failure is not an option.


Summertime Events? Count on us!

Art and Sounds is here to help with professionals in the field with years of experience producing high- quality shows with innovative equipment.

Let us make your next event a big hit.

Art and Sounds.