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We offer services based on excellence and compromise; our client’s satisfaction is our number one goal.

Gustavo Soler

Gustavo was born in Venezuela, He has been a traveler since he was a young man, dividing his early days between Vermont and Caracas.

An adventurer at heart and a love for music and sound.

His first instrument was the drums and he added more to his collection as time went by.

When he was 14, he took drum lessons and a night shift Audio Engineering Program at Centro Educacional Profesional de la Musica, in his hometown.

He studied Electronical Engineering at Universidad Simon Bolivar and in his last semester, he transferred to Boston, where he received a Bachelor of Music in Music Production & Engineering from Berklee College of Music.

He is one of the founders of the Full Sail “Show Production Program”, where he taught intermediate Audio to students for ten years.

In 2005 Art & Sounds is born, and his early dream started shaping up to a reality.

“I feel very proud of my company; we are growing little by little. I can look back 10 years and remember, we were working out of my 2 car garage, I have definitely evolved and learned a lot.”

Gustavo loves to learn new things all the time and he strides to masters as many skills as he sets his mind to. He does his job with positivity, professionalism and enthusiasm.

“My family is my life, but Art & Sounds is my passion, my stress relief, my growth, my ideal job. I always knew this is what I wanted to do when I grew up, this is what I love and here I am.”


To offer the best services when it comes to sounds and audiovisual productions, being the bridge between the client and their goal.


To be known for our high-quality services and professionalism as a production company, when it comes to helping our clients with sounds and audiovisual productions for their events.


– Experience
– Professionalism
– Honesty
– Excellence

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