Corporate events are much more than just having a meeting and handing out a few pieces of paper with information. Nowadays, corporate events have become more like digital presentations and these should include the latest technologies to attract employees and consumers. It’s like a movie trailer, when they use cool effects and emotions, they get the right attention and people excited about what’s come

Here are some quick and simple tips to take when coordinating your next corporate event and audiovisual conference:

  1. Always negotiate before signing a contract with the venue where the event will be held. Make sure you know their rules and requirements, especially when it comes to power and utilizing outside vendors.
  2. If you’re using videos, get them to the audiovisual company at least 5 days prior to the event. This gives them enough time to test everything for proper operation.
  3. If you’re using PowerPoint, use the template for white screen or for 16:9, this is the professional format. 4:3 is the old school format, not good quality and no longer much in use.
  4. Consider using a Teleprompter and a teleprompter operator. This will keep your event on time and presenters on task.
  5. Selecting the proper sound system and configuration is critical in getting your message across. Make sure the AV company is involved in selecting the proper venue for your event.
  6. And don’t forget to take in consideration the AV company’s loading time, dock area and access to the venue.

The correct management of things will make a huge difference. Handling the technical aspects with knowledge will guarantee that you get successful results at your next corporate event.

We hope these tips are as useful to you as they are to us.

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