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Full-Service Production Company, focusing on Audiovisual support for events and shows. We have over 11 years of experience in the field.

We offer services based on excellence and compromise; our client’s satisfaction is our number one goal.

Gustavo Soler

Gustavo was born in Venezuela, but he was never held back by barriers. He has been a traveler since he was a young man, dividing his time between Vermont and Caracas.

An adventurer at heart and a lover of sounds.
His first instrument was a drum set and he added a lot more to his collection as time went by.

When he was 14, he took the night shift to practice music at Centro Educacional Profesional de la Musica, in his hometown. He later graduated as a Sound Engineer.
With time, he also took in learning to play the Gaitas, better known as Bagpipes.

He studied Electronic Music in Universidad Simon Bolivar and in his last semester, he transferred to Boston, where he graduated as a Sound Engineer from the University of Berklee.

He is the founder of the program “Show Productions”, and taught students for ten years, as he toured the country.

In 2005 Art & Sounds is born.

“I feel very proud of my company; we are growing little by little. Just to think that 10 years ago, I was in a garage practicing music and to be here now, I have definitely evolved and learned a lot.”

Gustavo loves to learn new things and he tries to specialize in everything that he can. He now dedicates his time to his company and does his job with positivity and enthusiasm.

“Art & Sounds is my passion, my life support emotionally, my stress relief, my growth, my ideal job. I always knew this is what I wanted to be when I grew up, this is what I love and here I am.”


To offer the best services when it comes to sounds and audiovisual productions, being the bridge between the client and their goal.


To be known for our high-quality services and professionalism as a production company, when it comes to helping our clients with sounds and audiovisual productions for their events.


– Experience
– Professionalism
– Honesty
– Excellence

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